Review: By a NY Journalist from a popular NY periodical.

SONGS I LIKE: Track 5: The Martyr [Persoanl Favorite Cannot explain why]
That CELLO gets me, I am a sucker for strings like violins.
I great balance between vocals and instruments
and the "bittersweet mood" the cello makes and the Lyrics.

Track 6: Garden of Port Au-Prince [Demo Worthy]
MELLOW and VULNERABLE-- It has a narrative and the background vocals
then the HENDRIX GUITAR ROCKS!!!!!! THE DRUMS POP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's just a full song.

Track 7: 3:35 [Demo Worthy] COCKY & BLUESY & FUNNY -- This has BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's free and just seems like a nice one to tease the ladies with and the
"Momma screams my name" is shocking way to END IT. (Better sung drunk.)

Track 9: Rain Song [Demo Worthy]
FUSSION, NO? I like the Reggae-type feel but the instruments DROWN YOUR VOICE MILAN but that ain't no thang.
I picked this more for variety from the other's. But I like the opening, the reggae change then ending with a