10 Items (not people) you would save in a fire:
1. a big slice of ham
2. porn
3. my guitar
4. more porn
5. an etch-a-scetch
6. toothpaste
7. ....
8. ....
9. .....
10. ....

9 Foods that you can live off of for the rest of your life:
1. im a phat bastard so basically anything
2. chinese
3. fried chicken
4. italian crap
5. anything spicy
6. buffalo wings
7. ........
8. .......
9. .........

8 Movies that you can live off of:
1. the godfather
2. jaws
3.fear and loathing in las vegas
4. dead alive
5. ghostbusters
6. billy madison
7.billy madison
8.billy madison

7 Colors you could live w/ only seeing:
1.im color blind

6 Songs that you can listen to on repeat Forever:
1. Sittin on The Dock of the Bay- Otis Redding
2. the entire electric ladyland album by hendrix
3. the entire "Catch a fire" album by Bob Marley
4. "The complete recording of Robert Johnson"
5. My Cheri Amor- Stevie Wonder
6. anything sublime

5 TV shows that you can live off of:
1. Seinfeld
2. Simpsons
3. Family Guy
4. Looney Tunes
5. Rocko's Modern Life

4 Stores you can shop in Forever:
1. Sears? im a guy.... skip this question

3 Wishes:
1. world peace
2. a rooster
3. more wishes

2 places you could live in forever:
1. i havent left NJ in 8 years so iunno

One love:
1. music...lobster ass

What if you knew you were going to die tomorrow?

i'd make some waffles

What if you had only one seven-word sentence you could utter on your deathbed?

the virgin mary has one round booty

What if friendly aliens landed in your backyard and offered to show you the universe - would you go?

only if they were hot

What if you were assured on a wish come true when you blew out your birthday candles - what would you wish for?

to be a rock and roll star

What if you could have one super-human power - what would it be?

xray vision

What if you could stop time for one hour (this includes freezing people in their tracks - you're the only one "alive") - what would you do?


What if your best friend asked you to go on Jerry Springer with him/her?

i'd sing

What if you found out your father was having an affair with your best (female) friend?

there would be some killing

What if you could be one fantasy animal (like a unicorn or a dragon)?

i would a jackalope

What if you could be one real animal (like a horse, dog, fish, parrot)?

i would be a bird

What if you could live inside of any book?

i would be stuart little and crap on mouse traps

What if you could live inside of any movie?

i dont know, i just dont know

What if you could create the perfect man/woman for you to love?

that would be great

What if your lover wanted to spend the rest of your lives in a single town and never see the rest of the world?

they would die

What if you awoke one morning to find that, overnight, you'd transformed into a member of the opposite gender?

i'd touch myself, o god would i ever

What if you awoke one morning to the realization that you had somehow lost all four of your limbs?

i'd roll around on the floor screaming in hysterical laughter