10 Items (not people) you would save in a fire:
1. The Godfather trilogy
2. Tito Puente CD's
3. My Christmas tree
4. A candle
5. Bob Marley DVD
6. Jimmi Hendrix posters
7. My hat, if it were on top of my head
8. Books, unless I was a Nazi
9. Smokey the Bear
10. A tree

9 Foods that you can live off of for the rest of your life:
1. Pizza
2. Italian sausage w/ hot peppers
3. chinese food
4. Spanish seafood
5. Angel Hair pasta
6. Buffalo wings from Cluck U, w/ bleu cheese
7. fruit
8. cereal
9. rice

8 Movies that you can live off of:
1. Godfather Trilogy
2. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
3. Braveheart
4. Dances w/ Wolves
5. Devil's Advocate
6. Carlito's Way
7. Cast Away
8. La Bamba

7 Colors you could live w/ only seeing:
1. Green
2. n/a
3. ""
4. ""
5. ""
6. ""
7. ""

6 Songs that you can listen to on repeat Forever:
1. One Rainy Wish (Jimmi)
2. Crash (Dave M.)
3. Knocking On Heaven's Door (clapton version)
4. Redemption Song (marley)
5. Lightning Crashes (Live)
6. Wish you were here (pink)

5 TV shows that you can live off of:
1. Newsradio
2. Seinfield
3. The Critic
4. The Simpsons
5. Sealab 2020

4 Stores you can shop in Forever:
1. Guitar Center or other music shops
2. CD/DVD store
3. Poster store
4. random stores

3 Wishes:
1. That this survey end soon
2. Riches
3. Able to play and create great music w/ a band

2 places you could live in forever:
1. Spain
2. USA

One love:
1. La Musica meng

What if you knew you were going to die tomorrow?

I'd be that much smarter, knowing and all

What if you had only one seven-word sentence you could utter on your deathbed?

cough, cough, cough, aaaagh, you got me

What if friendly aliens landed in your backyard and offered to show you the universe - would you go?

I'd ask for how long and how much would they give me?

What if you were assured on a wish come true when you blew out your birthday candles - what would you wish for?

Mad money nigga

What if you could have one super-human power - what would it be?

Fly high

What if you could stop time for one hour (this includes freezing people in their tracks - you're the only one "alive") - what would you do?

Probably leave to the beach and beat the traffic

What if your best friend asked you to go on Jerry Springer with him/her?

To play or speak?

What if you found out your father was having an affair with your best (female) friend?

Does she look good?

What if you could be one fantasy animal (like a unicorn or a dragon)?

this is getting weird...

What if you could be one real animal (like a horse, dog, fish, parrot)?

i'd be an eagle bro, w/ food storage like a hamster, water storage like a camel, and strong like bull

What if you could live inside of any book?

A Moveable Feast or Anna Karenina

What if you could live inside of any movie?


What if you could create the perfect man/woman for you to love?

yeah...what if...huh...

What if your lover wanted to spend the rest of your lives in a single town and never see the rest of the world?

sucks for them...i'm out

What if you awoke one morning to find that, overnight, you'd transformed into a member of the opposite gender?

i'd go back to sleep and dream of days of old

What if you awoke one morning to the realization that you had somehow lost all four of your limbs?

i'd spend the rest of my life trying to figure it out, then I'd run for President