D'raild is an up and coming band which takes rock music to new boundaries.
They combine their soulful melodies with elements of blues, jazz, metal, reggae and more.

Milan Lazistan - Guitars & Vox

Inha (Alex) Son - Bass & Cello

Edwin Estevez - Drums and Percussion

Quotes from people that have heard D'raild

-"D'raild is the greatest band ever."
"No, Led Zeppelin was the greatest ever."
"Ok, D'raild is the greatest unsigned band ever."- some little kids

-"Inha's a Hottie"- Teen People Magazine

-"When you guys first walked in I thought you were going to suck, but i was wrong"- Orphan Annies

-"I love the blues and you guys play with soul and your so young"- The Laughing Lion

-"Im jealous of your guitar"-

-"Con los dientes!!"-

-"If i had to pick... listening to D'raild or getting my eye stabbed with a hot knife... I'd totally pick D'raild"- Jesus Christ