D'raild has finished recording their first professional album at "Le Chateau Bow Wow Recording Studio" in Watchung, NJ....


If you would like to purchase the album contact Milan.

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Songs that will appear on the album w/ description:

1. Back to the roots...(live jam)
2. But A Man...(Rock & Roll Anti Govt Song)
3. Long Highway...(Power Ballad)
4. Faith Is A Faded Blue...(Fast Acoustic Rock)
5. The Martyr...(Slow, Melodic song w/ a classical feel featuring Inha on Cello)
6. The Garden Of Port-Au-Prince...(Psychedelic)
7. 3:35...(12 bar blues)
8. Intro
9. Rain Song...(Reggae meets Rock)
10. Home...(Pop/ Rock)
11. Junction Street...(Bluesy chill song)
12. Macies...Modern Jazz)
Bonus track- The Girl Without A Name- acoustic ballad w/ just vox and acoustic guitar)

*Album Features - Sherina Raghunanan and Maggie Gordon on Backing Vocals*

D'raild's Demo Currently Available for Purchase: $5

1.Faith Is A Faded Blue
2. Home
3.Garden Of Port-Au-Prince
4. The Martyr
5. Intro
6.Rain Song
7. Macies